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Psychology/Something controversial has always been troubling me - can you help?


Bella wrote at 2014-07-30 01:53:30
Ryan, I understand your hypothesis, and completely appreciate that you're not a racist; and I agree, largely, that the nation a woman is born in determines who she is attracted to but not for the reasons you think.

The key fact in your proposal is the line, "the foreign women who are born here act the same as white western women in regards to attraction" demonstrates unequivocally that it is not a matter of genetics if it was, where someone was born wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference.

Furthermore, the physical expression of many Slavic genes are extremely similar to Germanic or Celtic Western European genes, so the chance of those girls producing "an ugly baby" is as high as it is for Germanic or Celtic Western Europeans. Furthermore, genetic-based desire does not hinge on attractiveness. No doubt that plays a part (for the more attractive your child is, the more chance it will have of breeding), but what will make a healthy baby is the first thing in everyone's subconscious mind.

You are clearly an intelligent young man, and though I find your proposal interesting and original, and admire your observational skills, I think your hypothesis is invalid.

I think there are two things at play in the phenomenon of those of a Middle Eastern background doing better with those form Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

The first is culture. Western Europeans don't value Middle Eastern culture very highly due to the bad press it has had over the last 15 years thanks to Islamic Extremism. For women, there is also a strong association between misogyny and Islam, which is why you may have seen this phenomenon of Germanic or Celtic Western European rejection expressed more strongly in women than in men. Anti-Islamic feeling does not seem to be nearly as strong in the Far East, and is certainly not shared in the Middle East itself.

In all honesty, I am a Culturalist. I am a Germanic-Celtic Western European (white girl from the UK with mixed Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish background), but I actually find Middle Eastern men, as well as darker Subcontinental men from Pakistan or India, very attractive but due to the many, many misogynistic elements in the culture of the largely-Islamic Middle East (plus the passion on the Subcontinent men have for throwing acid at their wives), I wouldn't consider dating someone from one of those areas unless they had been adopted and raised, from birth, by a family from Western Europe. If that was the case, I would have no problem dating them at all demonstrating, yet again, that the problem is not genetic, but cultural. Not trying to be offensive, just honest. Women are 12 times more likely to be killed by men they know rather than a male stranger, and I don't want to raise my chances of Mariticide by marrying someone of a cultural background that I judge as being more threatening to women (I'm not saying Western Europe doesn't have any problems with sexism, but there is a BIG difference between the casual sexism in the UK, and, say, the 50-60 MILLION missing women in India due to the rampant practice of female foeticide).

The second factor in this attractiveness pattern is familiarity. It is scientifically proven that people find those whose features are more familiar to them more attractive (which is why strange as it sounds! men and women often end up marrying people who look a bit like their siblings or parents). Those from Asia (either East or West), though they may have darker skin (West), or a different eye shape (East), they are more physically similar to those from the Middle East than Germanic or Celtic Western Europeans are both have dark hair, dark eyes, and tanned skin. Though some Eastern Europeans can be as pale as Nordic types, you get a far greater percentage in Eastern Europe of those with very dark hair, eyes, and skin, than you do in Germanic or Celtic Western Europe, so these darker features will therefore be more familiar and thus more desirable to them. And of course, this applies even more so to women actually from the Middle East.

So, it is a question of instinctive recognition of familiarity, rather than an innate notion that mixing Middle Eastern genes with Germanic or Celtic Western European genes will result in ugly offspring.

Therefore, the nation a woman is born in DOES determine who she is attracted to but not because of her genes, just because of her culture (what values she's been raised with, plus what features she is most used to seeing). As you mention, I think this also applies to men; though as men don't need to concern themselves with avoiding cultures they judge as more misogynistic than others, I wouldn't be surprised if it was stronger in women.

This is my hypothesis. I would be interested to know how well you do with darker Spanish and Italian girls!


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