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"Greetings sire!the following questions might be of no high difficulty level for you but it is highly important for me to hear answers from an expert like you.May you please answer them (A.S.A.P.) for an important activity in our General Psychology which is to be passed on Friday this week!?:

1. How do you define psychology (If you compare psychology to a  particular thing, what is it and why do you think so?)
2. When can you call a person a psychologist?
3. Why did you (as a psychologist) choose and continue to follow a career in this particular field (Psychology)?
4. What do you do as a psychologist?
5. What is the importance of psychology to life? (all life forms)

thank you so much for your precious time, i highly appreciate it!"

1. Psychology is the scientific study of mental processes and behavior. Psychology can be compared to a human being as we are very complex living machines and are difficult to understand fully.

2. A psychologist is someone who has gone to school for at least 6-10 years to obtain their PH D in Psychology and then they must pass the state exam to get their license.

3. My journey started out as a means to help others with substance abuse problems. I went to school to be a counselor. Then I decided I was better suited to teach.

4. Currently I am writing a book and looking to pursue my PH D in Psychology.

5. The importance of psychology to all life is, the better we are able to understand how someone or something thinks or reacts, we are better able to help them when they are ill or have a disease.  


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I can answer questions regarding substance abuse and chemical dependency as I was a Substance Abuse counselor for Mental Health Systems (MHS)and I have a AS degree in Alcohol and Other Drug Studies. Also I can answer questions on human sexuality. I have two additional degrees, a BS in Psychology and a MS in Psychology.


Former chemical dependency counselor. I have 6 years of education in the area of Behavioral Science and Psychology.

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