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Psychology/statement argument question


statement-should job be linked with academic degrees and diplomas
argument-1)no importance of higher education will be diminshed.
argument is follow  or not follow??

question2)statement-should religion be banned?
argument-1)yes it develops fanaticism in people.
argument-2)no religion binds people together.
answer-1)both follow
2)none follow
3)either 1 or 2 follow
4)only 1 follow
5)only2 follow

Hi John:

Question 1: In my professional opinion if you are applying for a professional job then yes degrees and diplomas are important to present to the employer.

Question 2: Religion may have its place for some and may help those that are spiritual. As long as it does not harm others, everyone has the freedom and the right to either be religious or not.  


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