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Psychology/Possible Bipolar/Borderline PD or something else?


Dealt with verbal abuse as a kid/tween from parent. Are the following symptoms/signs of Bipolar Disorder, or Borderline PD?:

Yelling/screamed at my sis/I at times to clean up toys which were all over the place, Got upset so bad one time she screamed at the top of her lungs/stomped her feet about how she hated kids (she came downstairs and applogized for this), Got upset at me because I sighed/rolled my eyes when she kept trying to show me how to boil a pot of broccoli correctly and she "wanted it to taste how she did"/told me "How about I talk to you the way I want to?!", Destroyed my bedroom and threatened to beat me if I didn't clean up the mess (this was after I hit my sis on her head after a fight as a kid), Raised a piece of wood in the air (off my dresser) in a threatening stance towards me (after the same fight) and asked if I was afraid she was going to hit me, Smashed a bowl in the sink/yelled at me because I kept putting it in the wrong place, Complains about her life/job/how she never has any help from anyone (the story of my life is called "screwed"), Gets upset when you say shes wrong, Can be judgemental of others, Thinks very highly of her own opinions, Threatens to look up who I'm txting/calling if I don't tell her, Got upset because I wanted to cash a $50 savings bond that was in my name, Can be manipulative/controlling, Very religious (spaced out at dinner once and asked "Whats the key to get into heaven?"), Self esteem issues, Delusional thinking (stating I was the ticket to her future/making us rich, A Youtube video of our cat would "make millions", Has said "You better be sorry" at times if I do something wrong and applogize (or misunderstand that she needed my help with something), Once dated an NPD alcoholic for two years and told me to applogize to him once after he made a sarcastic comment to me.

Ryan,  I am not a clinical psychologist and therefore cannot make a diagnosis.  Even a clinical psychologist should not diagnose someone that they have not assessed.  Having said that, the behavior that you are describing could be related to Bipolar disorder.  People with bipolar disorder cycle between depression and mania.  Some of the behavior that you described sounds like manic episodes - delusions of grandeur, feeling powerful and all knowing.  However, you do not describe any episodes of depression.  The behavior also sounds like narcissistic personality symptoms.  I suggest that you discuss this with a licensed clinical psychologist.


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