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Puberty/small breasts


I'm 17, took my period around 12, I have 32A size boobs and have seen no change in them from my youth, I'm 7stone & 5ft'2in, my mum is a C cup will my boobs grow anymore?

Contrary to what docs or books will tell you, breasts always can grow even in an older age. At 17, an A cup is probably about where you'll be at for a while. When you gain weight, such as when you become prego WAAAAYYY down the line, you'll grow bigger breasts. But weight gain is the most common way breasts grow. There are some hormonal rubs that can help but they are not proven. If you do not gain much weight in the next few years, I'd think you'll stay around an A cup. But, you may go into a B cup by your 20's. It's not uncommon for that to occur. But I cannot promise that


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