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Puberty/Weight and breast size


16 (almost 17 in December) Girl

When I was in 8th grade..even in 9th grade I was a solid 125-130lbs. I was like 5'2 and athletic. Last year 10th grade I was doing the same athletics (volleyball and fastpitch) same schedule same food everything, except I gained so much weight. I am now like 170 and have stretch marks on my inner thighs down to my inner knees. I have become so stressed out as to why I am so over weight and why I have so many embarrassing stretch marks to the point where I don't even want to play sports anymore because of them. It sounds like I'm headed on a downward spiral...I'm just going to gain more without working out. And I quit fastpitch last year because that's when I was getting those stretch marks. I thought it had to do with the running or stretching drills that we do. I have no idea what to do with this and why this is even happening. Also I have had the same breast size (b 32) since like 6th grade it seems as if nothing is developing. Will it come last minute? Or am I stuck with boyish shape small breasts?

Hello I want to start by saying everything you have described happens to many men and women. While this is very unfortunate it is a very natural thing. You are going onto the age when puberty often speeds up and many teens experience rapid development. These "growth" spurts can happen rapidly over a few months and then your essentially done growing or they are very slow and take years to finish. Unfortunately it sounds like puberty hit you hard and fast.

The stretch marks aren't from your exersiceing unless you have often pulled muscles severely during training or you have used medicine like skin creams or acne medicine that contain minute smounts of steroids. I'm not talking about the illegal kind that can end a athletic career but the kind that are often found in medicine that treat illnesses by boosting your immune system with the steroids.

The most likely cause of the stretch marks is growth spurts. When puberty tells your body to begin growing you often get massive growth spurts. These can be so fast and so sudden that the skin which is usually elastic enough to accommodate the new growth to tear and disrupt the skins natural ability to stretch. This causes the skin to become purplish and feel indented or the texture is different.

The bad news is these often occur at the breasts buttocks and upper thighs. The good news is that over time the stretch marks received during puberty often fade and sometimes disappear completely. The bad news is it takes time and aside from very expensive surgery there is no way to get rid of them faster.

As for the breast issue you might be at the stage where breast development will begin to get faster but unfortunately I cannot say for sure when or if your breasts will become larger.  


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