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Hi I'm not sure exactly how to use this service (it is my first time). I am wondering a few things about female puberty. For background, I'm 13, and a female. I have been through a lot of the major changes of puberty including menstruation, but I still have question.
Is it normal for a females voice to become lower during puberty? I've looked back on old videos of myself at a younger age, and my voice sounds nothing like it does now, my vocal range has changed, too. I mean it's not as deep as a males but I was just wondering if that is normal?
When do females stop growing? People always tell me 16 but I'm 5'8 and only 13, if I grow till 16 I'll be like 6'2!
Is it normal for periods to be different month to month during puberty? Like I had a few light periods, like 4 very heavy periods and this period I am on has been light but still a period of you get me. Is that just the fact I'm in puberty?
Thank you very much for any answer.

Hello E,

Thank you for your questions and dont worry you did everything right.

So to address your questions about your voice. Yes it is normal for both male's and female's voices to deepen and their vocal range to widen. However the male voices will more often then not get very deep and stay that way, whereas the female voices may deepen but only slightly. There also are cases where female voices can deepen almost as low as a males. In these cases it often has to do with genetics and other factors.

Now addressing your growth questions. Well there is no way for me to know exactly how tall you may grow, but sometimes you can ask your dentist if he knows how tall you will be. In fact the size of your teeth is related to how tall you will be when you are fully grown. Many women stop growing when they are between 18-20 depending on when your body started developing. The reason you hear vary different ages is simply due to the fact that your genetics are not the same as anyone else. This means you will start growing and stop growing whenever your body is well done growing. Now does that mean that if you keep growing till you are 18 you'll be a giant? Well no because puberty occurs in stages where the beginning and end stages are often include vary subtle and small changes to your body. The middle stages are often where you have your growth spurts and major physical changes like breast development. So you may have a few more years of growth where you may gain a few inches but it is unlikely that you will gain 6 or more inches. But it is still possible

Now to address your period questions. If you are not on any birth control or hormonal control medicines yes it is perfectly normal that your periods occur on different days and the flows are different each time. During puberty your body is developing and all the cycles are just beginning. This means that until your body is done developing you will often observe that your period has no regularity at all. Now as you mature and get older this irregularity will often become more and more regular as your bodies cycles sync together. Now there are ways to control your period at this point but whether or not it is right for you to begin these methods must be determined by your primary care doctor and you. That being said birth control and hormonal control medicine can regulate your menstrual cycle by forcing your bodies hormones to follow a regular cycle. These methods are often used to help control pesky side effects of puberty such as acne and very heavy menstrual cycles.

Here is a website that offers more information about your period and other information about your body. I hope this helped, but if you still have questions or are confused in any way about my answers please feel free to ask another question and I will be happy to answer any and all your questions.


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