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On Saturday i went to a party and i was binge drinking and now for the past couple of days ive had a pain right above my rib cage and under my chest . right in between my stomach and chest. what should i do?

This is a medical question so it isn't one that can be answered without a clinical diagnosis.  This category is for Public Health questions.  

You should consult a health care provider.  These include people with credentials as either Diplomate of Osteopathy (DO), Medical Doctor (MD), Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant (PA).  Credentials include a requisite degree and a State License.  A PA isn't licensed to practice on their own so they'll be practicing with either a DO or an MD.  You'll probably be billed as though you saw either the DO or the MD.

Since the difference between them isn't clear to everyone I'll add information here, about some of the differences.

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