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last night I helped my mom clean up a cabinet which had mouse feces in it. Today I was taking out the trash from the night before, which may have had germs from the feces on it. I forgot and picked at a wound on my head without washing my hands.  I disinfected the wound after this. I live in Virginia and I've never heard of hantavirus around here, but can I gget it from this? Should I see a doctor?
THank you.

A doctor will be looking for symptoms.  Please read what NIH has to say about symptoms and about environments where the disease has been contracted recently.

Here's my interpretation of what their site tells you:

Based on the NIH description of environments where the disease has been contracted and what you described as the environment where you ran into the mouse droppings the likelihood seems nearly insignificant.  If you were in Yellowstone this might be different, but not by much.  The NIH description suggests a contaminated environment has significant rodent traffic and probably has little other traffic until those who were infected spent the night.  

Is this helpful?

Disclaimer: I don't have any type of license that would allow me to provide health care.  If you don't feel well, consider seeing a health care provider.

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