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Hello, i noticed 2 days ago when i tried to reach my phone over the table and slowly hit the corner of the table with my hip that i have something like a round muscle or something that hurts when i touch it and its only on the right side, sometimes the i feel the muscle's reflex when i touch the spot... heres a picture of the area that i feel the pain

Note: I'm not a physician and am not licensed by anyone to provide clinical care.  Clinical care usually requires being physically present.

The area identified by the "Pain Point" appears to be an attachment. Specifically, its where the inguinal ligament attaches to the lateral aspect of the pubic bone.  Pain from the area can be caused by tissue that attaches to the bone, or by lymph nodes (which are plentiful in this area), or by injury arising from trauma (a fall, for example).  

I don't know what you mean by "the muscle's reflex".  The cause may self-correct, or might be due to something that can be corrected through physical therapy or manipulation.  Or it may be referred pain (so unrelated to that spot) or could be caused by an inflamed lymph node.  Inflammation of these nodes has many etiologies that range from trivial (shaving the area) to malignancy.  (These are not listed in any order).

So, if it persists or does not resolve on its own (say, within days), if it were me I'd ask someone with a license. (LPN, DO, MD or PA).

I hope this is helpful.

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