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Is it true that once you get MRSA, it's always in your blood/body? You get repeat eruptions for no reason?
I read it's from unsanitary conditions?
Thank you.

The bug is called Staphylococcus Aureus.  The "MR" stands for "Methicillin-Resistant". Methicillin became the preferred treatment for S. Aureus because it works against bugs that are able to withstand Penicillin.  

Staph Aureus is a bacterium, not a virus.  It does seem likely that it will become dormant, as is the case with Chicken Pox.  (Chicken Pox comes back as Shingles).  It causes different diseases depending on where it infects the body.  

"Unsanitary" simply refers to "unclean" so I don't think its a word I'd use here.  MRSA is found in hospitals (among other places).

What you've heard may be addressed in the fifth paragraph on this page:

It begins with the words, "MRSA in the community ..."

The following URL provides authoritative information about MRSA:

Please let me know if the URLs are useful.

A comment from you said you understood the above to mean that it re-occurs.  This is NOT correct.  To re-occur it must remain in you body.  When S. Aureus is in your bloodstream, either it spreads and you die, or it doesn't remain in your bloodstream.  

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