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Age: 15
Gender: male
I was forced into two unprotected sexual encounters with two males as a kid, once anal and once oral both time our privates just touched for only a second or two no ejaculation ocurred. I then read on a website that 1 in 5 males who have sex with another male get HIV. This is driving me crazy. Tell me if this statistic applies to me.


one of them was a teenager and the other was the same age as me.

Since its 10 years ago I'd go more with clinical presentation than sexual history and statistics.  I don't think forced sex makes you similar to those in the group under study -- but I'd need to see the study results to put my name on that.  

What you describe isn't a "Sexual History" really; it was a crime.  Consider making a blood donation. As I recall the donation will be tested for the virus.

I hope this is helpful.  

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