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I have a bit atypical question.

Dr Caldwell Esselstyn was chairman of Cleveland Clinic's Breast Cancer Taskforce.

--- I'm not a native speaker of English, so can you tell me what it means that he was a chairman of the clinic's breast cancer taskforce??? Does it mean he was a head of a certain department?


No, it doesn't mean what you ask.  There a blurb from a book where he makes reference to it, here:  

If you read what's there on a few pages, you'll realize that Cleveland Clinic addressed different, ubiquitous medical problems.  Being Chairman of a Taskforce means being Chairman of a committee (perhaps with only a person: him; or a committee with several members).  The Taskforce here, would have been created to determine if there was something they could do to determine the rate of Breast CA in this country is so high; higher than the other counties mentioned in the text.

In the phrase you give, the word "Department" would have been part of it, somehow.

Hope this helps.

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