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Public Health/Transmission of germs from inanimate objects?


I have heard that germs can be transmitted from inanimate objects. Is this true? For eg., if an infected person A touches an object, and then B touches the object, is it possible for the infection to spread from A to B? What precautions can be taken against this? Obviously washing hands each time after touching any object does not seem very practical?

What you've identified is the only option.  The risk (potential exposure) occurs every time you use a public restroom, play with an animal using something the put in their mouth, or share a toothbrush.
The epidemiological term for the "object" is "fomite".

The herpes virus will last up to three days, on a toothbrush.  (This is an anecdote I pulled from something I read over ten yeara ago. I apologize because I can't recall where,).

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