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Hi John, I have received the flu mist for the past 7 years and have had no problem until today. I got my flu mist at my local pharmacy and usually they will have me tilt my head back and sniff after each spray. Well today the pharmisis had me look at him straight forward and he barely put the syringe in my nose and slowly sprayed where I had a good amount come out of my nose into my mouth and shirt. This was in both nostrils. I did feel some go in the back of my throat. Well since I never had this happen and was worried I didn't get a full dose I contacted my insurance nurse where she confirmed it was wrongly done. I contacted the pharmacy where I had the proceder done and he called the flu mist company and he told me that as long as some got in my nose it was fine and not to worry. Of course when I call the flu mist company they can't tell me anything because I'm not a doctor. What do you think? Did I get enough dose? Thank you so much for your help!

I'd go with the insurance company on this one.  If I were in your position this is how I'd approach it:  Obtain a written opinion from the insurance company and prepare to send a copy to the store manager, the district manager of that company, the State Board of Pharmacy and the Pharmacist.  Take them in-hand to the pharmacy and explain you'd like it administered correctly.  Assuming they do this, add a note that explains how it was corrected but that they would not address the matter until you invested a substantial amount of your time to get them to admit what was already obvious.  This way, the complaints will accurately depict the fact that they did correct it but put the onus on you to convince them to make a business decision when, in fact, it should have been a medical decision.

Hope this helps

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