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I suspect that I've been spreading flu to people around me by just breathing. Those who travel in the same car with me will suddenly develop flu symptom even though I do not cough or sneeze or touch them. I have some mucus in my throat from time to time and very thirsty and it seems to never cure. Will flu stay in the body forever? Should I be worried? Or taking any meds? Now I try to sanitize my hand and use disinfectant spray on the place that I've touch but I think people are still getting sick.

I'm not a licensed, practicing provider so can't express an opinion specific to you. Perhaps a little bit of information about viruses would be useful.

Each virus type has a well-defined life cycle that includes a shedding phase, when new viruses are released.  That;s what causes sneezing, coughing, etc. So it's symptoms are like those you see.  If you don't have them too (or if you didn't just get over them) then it isn't likely that you're spreading.  Not all viruses cause the infected individual to have noticeable symptoms but those who are infected can spread them anyway.  

Indeed certain drugs can help prevent a virus from replicating if they're taken before replication begins.  This means, no symptoms. But there aren't many viruses of this type.

Ingestion is the most common infection vector, followed by inhalation.  So keeping your hands clean is simply a good idea.

As for "forever", this can happen with some viruses but, to my knowledge, none that cause flu are included among them.

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