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how do i lose weight?

It depends on whether you *need* to lose weight, what your life is like (which often determines whether or not the advice given will be useful), what medical issues (if any) may need to be addressed.  If the reason you want to lose weight is that you're overweight now, knowing why is important.  

A nutritionist may be able to help with the "how" but you should consider seeing a health care provider to determine medical need and medical risks.  If you don't need to lose weight (based on your Basal Metabolic Index, or BMI), losing weight may increase the risk to your health.

Exercise is recommended for everyone but not all exercises are recommended for everyone.  I look to Rock Adams (his birth name) for non-medical advice on exercise, rehab, athletics.  Here's the URL:

Sometimes, a bit of exercise is the only thing missing.  

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