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Dear Dr,

Good morning,
I am 35 yr old. Past couple of years i am regularly getting fever with sour throat, cold and flu. Every time i meet a Dr. he will prescribe me a course of antibiotic.Frankly speaking i am fed up taking antibiotics. Further, I read in internet that antibiotics will kill both good as well as bad bacteria and due to this we will loose our immunity. Is it true? My question is how can i  increase my immunity and indirectly reduce the frequency of getting fever/cold?  
Few days back only i got recovered from a terrible viral fever (and i ate azithromycin antibiotic) and now once again i am not feeling well. With these frequent fever I cannot concentrate on my work too.
Please help me out!!

I'm not a physician and do not have a clinical license.

Antibiotics, or properly, antimicrobials (of which antibiotics are a type) don't depress your immune system, they supplement its response.  Failing to take it as directed is how antibiotic-resistant microbes develop.  Life expectancies have doubled since they came along which suggests they aren't detrimental.  Immune response to a viral load (illness) is different.  Antibiotics work against bacteria they do not work against a virus.

Antibiotics can wreak havoc on your stomach but some cannot be taken with most foods.  Make sure your provider knows your needs and that these include more than eradication of the bug.

Hope this was helpful.
- John

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