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I'm a 17 year old girl and I've recently noticed swelling and pain in my knees. My knees also make a cracking/popping/clicking noise when I walk and bend them (the
noise is hard to describe) They hurt after I do a lot of walking or work/exercise. I have not made the healthiest choices in eating so I'm not skinny and I haven't been exercising lately so I want to start. My elbows also make a cracking/popping/clicking noise when I bend them. I heard this is a sign of osteoarthritis. Is that true? Should I go to my doctor? Could there be a different cause behind this? I'm only 17 so I feel like I'm pretty young to get Athritis and I don't think it's hereditary because my mom doesn't have it but my grandma has arthritis but that's common in old age. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

You should see a licensed provider.  When I have swelling I increase protein intake.  An increase in blood-borne protein helps me reduce swelling.  So does ice.  So do OTC NSAID's but these have side effects and aren't identical to each other.  

Regarding protein, my kidney function is normal.  It should be before increasing protein intake unless protein intake is too low.  Use the USDA recommended RDA for your weight.

Hope this helps.

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