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hi .. i am 20 years from kurdistan ...its about 4 months i do workouts in gym ... question is that will workouts have effect on my buddy growth in future. thanks sorry for wasting your time

I can't tell you what science says but I can tell you what I've done.  Try contacting the owner, Rock, of "The Body Fort Collins" via they're website ( with more specific questions.

Your testosterone level will continue to increase for another 5 years or so, then start dropping very slowly. So this is a good time to make resistance training a permanent part of a weekly routine that you can continue for life.

Instead of thinking about it in terms of specific exercises, think about it in terms of muscle groups.  The exercise is important only in that you want to isolate groups.  I like to do two groups per day and usually divide them as Biceps and Back, Triceps and Chest, Shoulders and Legs.  If I've got an injury this may not work well, so I'm flexible with that. The important thing is to not let a group go without exercise for more than 72 hours.  

When training with weights do higher-rep exercises (20-30) at first, to make certain the tendenous attachments to bone are strong.  Lower reps (8-12) build the muscle body.  But it's possible to make the muscle body string enough to separate the connection to bone, so make sure you work it (as described) to avoid injury.  I'm not sure what period of time to do the higher reps workouts.  Perhaps two months.  You might run this advice by Rock.

Hope this helps.  Good luck with your workouts.

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