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This is a true story in my country and I was wondering if the PR person in your own country can get away with their argument.

A young singer released his debut album. In the CD notes, he thanked "the LATE songwriter for his wonderful song...".

The problem is that songwriter is still alive and well.

But the mistake is only found after the album has been commercially distributed to the stores nationwide.

So the PR person for the singer offers a public apology to the songwriter. But they don't mention the possibility of withdrawing the CD.

It is understandable because the cost would then be too high.

But is it enough to apologize? Can a singer like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga get away with it if that happens in the US?
Thank you.


The short answer is:  It's NOT the fault of the PR person but the fault of the person who produced the CD who should have thoroughly proofed the written copy before it went to print.

At the end of the day, PR professionals should deliver their clients clean copy BUT in the end, it is the client's duty to read EVERYTHING so it can give the PR rep the go ahead to go to print.

At our firm, NOTHING goes unless we review it AT LEAST 3-4 times.  After that, we send all copy to the client.  No PR firm should EVER approve copy to be printed until it has FINAL written approval from the client.

All of that said, I have a question:  What gave the idea that the songwriter was dead?  If the client did want the PR firm to take responsibility, the best the firm could do is use multiple marketing & PR tactics to try and mitigate the incorrect info that was printed.

One last thing:  In our world, most music is purchased online, so it would be easy to correct the information on the web.

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