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Hello, I am pursuing a career in public relations in Los Angeles and I am going to be starting an internship shortly. I would like to build up my resume and was thinking of stating a side business promoting my clients that range in entertainment. I know interning is a great start. What are some ways of making connections with the media to cover my clients on the side? Instead of just a random pitch to a blogger or journalist do you know of any savvy techniques to build a relationship with them. Thanks

The best way, write your press release material in a journalistic fashion. That means following AP standards, not using tons of hype, but issuing real news. It is the story angle that endears a person to the media -- they need impactful content, and a good publicist helps to provide that with stories that are meaningful such as industry trends, important volunteer work undertaken, and briefs such as new hires; awards received; events photos from community functions that matter.

Do select the journalists/editors that cover your beat and call them personally to ensure they received your press release. Ask if they have an interest in the story. If they say "no," then you have to go back to the drawing board - I've never had a journalist ignore a good story and I always appreciate their honesty. Ask them what they might be working on. Look up editorial story calendars for magazines and tie the story into their upcoming issues.

Journalists will love you if you are an asset and not a distraction that tries to push a story through just because your client finds it newsworthy and wants attention. Ask yourself first, is it newsworthy? Also, keep your pitches short and to-the-point. Journalists are extremely busy people. Keep your wording clear and you'll make friends along the way.

Most of my best friends in the news media I have never met in person. We respect each other as professional writers first and hype-masters second.

I hope this of help.  

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