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I need to address many men and women within organizations, some drs, some phds, some scientists, some mbas, they are all over the board..... how to i address a mass e-mail to companies politely and businesslike?

Dear Sirs and Madams (doesn't seem right) Ladies and Genterlemen seems like an entertainer...

please help!!

thank you,

Hello Ruby -

The best way to address your audience is in smaller segments. If you want to send an email that is effective, personal and engaging for your audience, the ideal approach is to target your email to smaller segments. By separating your doctors, you could start your email addressing doctors. etc. Another option if segmenting your list is not an alternative, is to start the email with more of a headline/benefit statement. However, with such a diverse group of very specialized professionals it would be difficult to determine just one statement that would really resonate with all groups.

You may want to step back and revisit your objective for sending a mass email. Is there one group that is more of a priority? It may be best to start with one group, say medical doctors, and test an email to just that group. If you track the open and read rate, you can determine its success rate and see if any revisions may improve your read rate.

Without knowing your subject matter of the email, you may want to consider if an email is the best format to share your content. What is in it for the recipient? Is your email helpful information or is it about a product/service they should consider? If the recipients know you then sending a general email may be a fine place to begin. If you do not know the list of individuals you are emailing to, chances for successful opens and reads are very limited.

Quick summary - with a broad range of recipients - a mass email becomes much more like an ad or brochure. Best to skip the more formal standard of a personal greeting. Segmenting your list is a better option to speak more directly to the interests and concerns of a particular group, not just in the introductory statement.

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