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I am an indie author.  I have written a how to achieve success book.  I am seeking PR for my book.  My research indicates that Woman's World magazine accepts unsolicited article submissions.

Do magazines accept articles written by the author of the subject of the article? I was thinking of writing about achieving your dreams, and hoping that I could reference my book at the bottom in the bio section.  Is this approach something that is do-able?  Can you set me in the right direction, please.

Thank you

Yes, several magazines do accept articles written by outsiders (many use freelance writers who aren't technically part of the magazine's staff).  A great place to start is's "How to Pitch" section.  They have a list of magazines and their editors, and tell you the best way to contact them.  You can also always look at the front of magazines to find out who the editor is and contact them by calling the magazine's main number.

Try that and see how it works.  

Hope that helps.  Good luck!

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