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My co-worker is a convicted felon, stealing at his past job. Our job duties have us entering occupied homes and apartments to repair and check on water problems. I just found this out, and I want to inform the residents of this revelation. The mayor doesn't want this information out. What are my rights and obligation to the village concerning this matter?

Hi Tim,
I, too, would be concerned!  However, there are some unanswered questions.  Did he serve time for stealing on his last job or do you think he might be stealing on the job now?

Everyone deserves a chance to reform. Listen to your gut feeling!  Do you think he has reformed or not?

Consider contacting your city attorney to find out your rights and obligations on this matter. What is the city policy for hiring ex-felons?

Stay alert and if you see unlawful behavior, speak up and report to your supervisor or the police immediately.  

Good luck and thanks for putting your customers first!

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