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I had a horrible incident in a public library the other day.
The librarian just unlocked the doors and I pulled the door open walked inside and she turned to me and screamed at me "You wait until I open all the doors!" I walked to her and said shaking inside, I did. She then said ," I will talk to you later! I don't have time for you!" I never have been accosted by anyone like this.
This is a public building for taking out library materials. She also had a problem with me last year when I wanted to place a reserve on a meeting room they have set aside for the public to use as you wish. I met with my job coach there a number of times and she would not allow me to have a room. Another time she walked away from me when I wanted to ask a question about placing a hold on a book. She has a angry demeanor. I never did a thing to get a reaction like she gave to me. I called her supervisor who did not think I deserve an apology, I also called our county's library administration and I again was told I will not get an apology. Can you please tell me what can I do? I see this woman all the time at this library. I do not feel I should be forced not to come back. I do not feet safe around her. She is hostile. Can you please give me some advise? Where can I go to get help with this? She was angry, hostile and arrogant towards me. No one is taking this seriously, only me. Please contact me.

The power of forgiveness
The power of forgivene  
Hi Gwen,
Not easy to stay cool, calm and collected when you feel ignored and accosted.  My first thought is to go over her head and complain but you may not get the desired change you want is another idea to consider. I think people who act like this may have bad stuff going on in their lives.

Consider going up to the librarian in a pleasant, calm way and saying, "Last time I was here, (mention the issue(s)) I think I may have upset you.  It has been bothering me and I would like to apologize.  See how she responds.  If she is still hostile, she is showing her true character.  If she is surprised and wants to discuss it...the two of you may be able to make a fresh start.  Worth a try.  Let me know how this works out.  Good luck!  

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