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My question is what are the steps i need to take note if i want to become loyal to the society? How can i become loyal to the society?
please its important you answer.

Successful societies raise good men
Successful societies r  
Hello Ahmed,
The dictionary defines "loyal" as, "Faithful in allegiance to one's lawful country." This is my perspective as it relates to public safety.  

I believe that everyone has a responsibility to be respectful to each other and raise strong, resilient children who care about others. We are all role models for children and our community.

Some steps:
Step 1. Love God
Step 2. Love and support your family.
Step 3. Love and support your neighbors.
Step 4. Love and support your community.

A successful society needs people guided by their inner wisdom, without any malice toward others.  We must take responsibility for our own actions and help our fellow man in need.  If we convey that message, we are being loyal to society.  Our cities will be safer and healthier for all of us.

I hope this is helpful to you!  

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