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Janet White wrote at 2013-01-20 22:58:37
I am a booking agent for business owners and professionals who use free (public speaking) to build their businesses. If you are thinking of getting paid to speak, keep in mind that it can take years for "emerging speakers" to move from free to fee speaking. Please check out my website for more information.

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Cherian Koshy


Questions about general public speaking skills, speechwriting difficulties, and advanced strategies are typically the easiest to answer. The more specific the question, the more useful the advice can be. Questions about particular industries may be more complicated unless they involve public policy, debate/argumentation, or the IT field.


Experience in the area
For the past ten years, Cherian has served as the lead instructor for hundreds of speakers seeking to improve their communications skills. Formerly a State Director for the nation's largest non-profit network, Mr. Koshy opened offices across the nation to defend consumers' rights, human rights, and environmental issues. Serving as counselor to politicians and other non-profit executives, he was the youngest person ever promoted to the position of State Director. Currently, Cherian is a partner at the Center for Public Speaking: Corporate Consulting. The firm specializes in improving public speaking skills of employees and managment in addition to developing overall communication strategies for business.

Mr. Koshy is sought out by the most prestigious universities around the country to teach public speaking seminars, advanced argumentation, public policy strategies, and speechwriting skills. A veteran instructor at the University of Iowa & Stanford University, he serves as a curriculum consultant for numerous educational programs at high schools and universities across the country. Over two thousand speakers have learned from his lectures, seminars, and individual consultation. He is a nationally recognized expert on argumentation and communications strategies as well as streamlining organizational communications.

Speaking Engagements
? Faculty, University of Iowa Advanced Courses in Public Speaking (1998-2006)
? Faculty, Stanford University Advanced Argumentation Strategies (1999-2006)
? Guest Lecturer, Massachusetts Forensic League
? Mediator and speaker, Public Speaking and Public Policy, University of Minnesota (2002-04)

Partner, Center for Public Speaking: Corporate Consulting; Minnesota Debate Teacher's Association, and National Debate Coaches Association, Communication Teachers Association of Minnesota

? ?Ethical Crises in International Relations: Does the US have an obligation to mitigate international conflicts,? MFL, September 2003
? ?Towards a more functional methodology for topic analysis: A hybrid of data and concept driven models? (co-author, Yale Professor Minh Luong) Rostrum, January, 1999

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