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Thank you for helping me in advance.  You work is so valuable to us.

I recently published my first Kindle ebook, a non-fiction book.  I am about to publish my second, and will be publishing my third in December.  Based on my readings (and logic) I am creating a series rather than doing a lot of unrelated things.  I am happy with that decision.  My first book is about available jobs and covers a wide selection of job types (ie customer service, IT, accounting, transcriptionists).  The second book is going to continue this philosophy, and add additional jobs to the pile.  

I am noticing that there are a lot of information technology jobs that I could write about (and a lot of the people that are on the internet are IT people).  What I would like to know is if conceptually, I should take IT jobs from book 1 and book 2 and then add additional jobs to make book 3, or if I should make a totally new book of new jobs (that are not in the first 2 books) in the IT (book 3).

I am going back and forth between the two thoughts.  First, I am thinking that if I come up with all new jobs, perhaps the IT person will buy books 1 and 2 also.  On the other hand, if I consolidate all of the IT jobs from 1 and 2 and add some additional jobs to create book 3, I will get the book out faster and book 3 (on its own) will be more comprehensive and more valuable to the IT book buyer.

I have no idea which path to select and would appreciate any input you could give me to assist in my thinking this through.

Again, you are appreciated for the help that you give to all.

Dear Kee,

I'm afraid this is a bit too complicated for me to answer usefully in this format, as it would require knowledge of your sales figures, marketing strategy, potential audience and so on. Offhand I'd guess that it's better to do a more specialized book at this juncture and then create a larger omnibus edition at a later date, assuming that your audience continues to grow and diversify. But that's just a guess based on virtually no data.

best wishes,
D. Patrick Miller

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