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I have a novel presently in soft cover edition which I want to publish in the Amazon Kindle store. I note all of their books have a "chapter index" link which can be "clicked" to find a specific chapter. Do you know if that index is prepared automatically by Amazon when the book is uploaded, or do I have some responsibility for that? Can't find any reference to the procedure in their instructions. Thanks.

William -- You will have to embed any links, including chapter links, in the Word file that you upload to Kindle. You can do this either by using the Word style menu to select a heading style for the chapters that will automatically create an index, or you can manually set bookmarks and links yourself. At any rate, the Kindle system will not do it for you.

I'd advise you also to upload to Smashwords, as it connects to a number of other important online platforms, including Barnes and Noble online, Sony, Apple, Kobo, and more. Smashwords requires manually set bookmarks to create chapter index, so that's what I always do. I do this kind of work all the time, as I publish e-books for a number of authors.

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