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Dr Miller,
My name is Rebecca Im 22 years old from England. My hobby is writing. I enjoy writing a range of genres and I am at the stage in my life where I would like a challenge and an extra income from home. My only problem is that I am unsure of how to get into this and what websites I need to look at.
Thankyou for your time, Happy new year.

Rebecca -- When you say you are writing in a range of genres, I am not sure whether you mean genres within fiction, nonfiction, or both. It's a bit easier to eventually make some money in nonfiction, because you can become a paid information provider to various industries, or set yourself up as a specialist in advertising, public relations, industry trade news, and so on. If you're writing only fiction, you should keep in mind that most authors work for many years before seeing an appreciable income from their work. If you happen to be writing in a very popular genre (romance or the paranormal, for instance) and you have both some native talent and luck, you might have some success sooner than in other, less commercial genres.

Above all, I'd recommend seeking out or starting a writers' group close to you, or online if necessary. Any time you can regularly share notes with other writers, you will pick up valuable ideas, emotional support, and professional connections. Writing requires a lot of time working on your own, so some kind of regular contact with your peers is helpful.

For general inspiration, I'd suggest that you read Brenda Ueland's classic guide for writers, IF YOU WANT TO WRITE: A Book about Art, Independence, and Spirit. If you're working in fiction, read John Gardner's THE ART OF FICTION.

On my site, you can find a publishing guide that will give you an overview of the industry here in the US, as well as links to a number of professional organizations. Follow your nose from this point, and you'll no doubt discover some interesting paths to follow:

best wishes,
D. Patrick Miller
Publisher, Fearless Books

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