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I believe my question has to do with marketing.
I am writing a vampire novel like "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter" in modern times.
I don't know if "Night Hunger" or "Night Fighter" is best. I was told "Fighter" sounds too "ninja"
Which is best to you?
What guidelines or rules would you use in creating a title?

Hi, Demetrius.

Yes, your question has everything to do with marketing. Thank you for asking.

It used to be that creating book titles was an art practiced by "gurus" based in NY publishing houses. That is no longer true. Today, we have tools to make selecting a title easy, fun and destined to please more readers.

The best way to determine which title is best in the minds of potential readers is to setup a Google ad and compare the two titles.

Create a Google ad for Night Fighter (announcing its availability) and see how many potential readers respond over time (say 2 weeks). Then create a second ad for Night Hunger and see how many readers respond over time.

Choose the title that receives the most responses.

There is a way to test both titles simultaneously. It's called an A/B test in Google Adwords. You can perform an A/B test, if you're familiar with how to set one up.

Yes, running Google Adwords campaigns costs a little money. You can limit how much you spend per day, per week or per campaign to control costs.

The money you spend on a Google Adwords test is far less than you'd lose by turning off customers if you were to release a book with the wrong title.

You asked my personal opinion. While I advocate running a Google Adwords test, if you want my personal opinion, I choose Night Hunger. Using Hunger allows you to play off the popular Hunger Games series.

Continued success with your novel.

Best regards,

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