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Getting Published or E-published/An historical incedent that ocurred during WW2 that was corrupted in order to cover up a major scandal. The true story of the surrender of the German submarine the U234.


Can I send a copy of my manuscript for review.It is a  true story of the surrender of the U234 and involves millions of dollars wort of booty. My question is would there be any interest in reviewing the story.

Hi, Mr. Chillino:

As you may or may not be aware, I published a story several years ago called "Tides of Justice" starring the pulp character, The Avenger.  "Tides of Justice" featured the U-234, and as a result I did a great deal of research on the subject while writing the story.  

That said, I am not an expert on U-234 or the Nazi U-Boat program.  Far from it; I doubt I even remember most of the facts of the U-234 case.  So I don't believe my input would be of much help to you.

That aside, time constraints also make it impossible for me to review other people's work outside of a workshop setting.  My last workshop ended in 2010 precisely because of other obligations (not to mention lack of commitment on the part of the participants).  Then there is the question of liability.  I could conceivably use U-234 in a future work, and if I review yours, I could later be accused of using information from it in my own project.

A nasty idea, I know, but unfortunately it is a situation many professional writers have found themselves in before.  

I'm sorry to not be of more help, but I do wish you the best in getting your article published. There are magazines out there that publish stories and articles about historical events like the unwitting surrender of U-234.  I hope you find one and see your article published!

Best of luck to you. And on a related note, thank you for your service during World War II.

Richard Dean Starr  

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