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I have written a couple of information, how to type books and I have been looking at creating an account with amazon to turn these into kindle books.  
One thing I am wondering about but having a hard time finding an answer to is if I wish to put my book up at more than one website, like if I want to list my book with Amazon on Kindle and if I want to list it with other sites like createspace, do I have to wait a certain period of time.  Does amazon have a period of time where they want to have your book exclusively before you list it any other places for sell.

Hi, Richard.

Thanks for the question. It's an interesting one.

Committing to Amazon to create and distribute your book binds you to the agreement that Amazon provides. It probably limits you to selling your book on Amazon, although I have not read their agreement recently.

If you want more widespread distribution, including Amazon, you may want to consider a service like SmashWords ( that will create your book in several e-book compatible formats and make it available on their network.

Otherwise, you can't go wrong using Amazon to produce and distribute your how-to books.

Continued success with your books.

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