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I have been an aspiring writer ever since I was about 7 years old, with my very first "book" being mostly a picture book called "The 2 Little Kittens" which I wrote in the 2nd grade for an art contest about 2 kittens that live on a farm and their farm animal friends got lost in the woods.

anyway, as I grew up I started writing fanfiction and have some of my work on a few fanfiction sites. Then I started reading romance novels and started writing my own, which eventually lead into writing a few erotic pornographic fanfiction that has been published across the internet.

After seeing EL James get a (IMO:crappilywritten) erotic fanfiction published and now is supposedly getting a movie made about it, I want to do this as well.

But I have no idea how to get published, and how do I find someone to publish an erotic novel?

also, do I have to pay out of pocket for my book(s) to be published?

Dear Kayla,

Thanks for your question. It covers a lot of different topics; from the general to the specific. Let me address your questions from the general to the specific.

First, getting a novel published takes one of three paths: 1) find a publisher to publish your book for you 2) self-publish or 3) pay-to-publish.

Finding a publisher is the path that you indicate you want to pursue in your question, ie. finding a publisher. To do so, you'll want to investigate which publishers publish erotic fiction. To do so, go to your library's reference desk and borrow the Literary Marketplace (LMP, for short). In it, you'll find listings for all the publishers and the topics they publish. Identify the erotic fiction publishers. That's step one.

Unfortunately, it's nearly impossible to approach a publisher directly with a manuscript; particularly if you're a first-time author. There are gatekeepers know as agents who will represent your book to the publishers. In LMP, identify the agents who either specialize in erotic fiction or show they have connections to the publishers you identified in step one. Contact those agents with a Proposal Letter about your book. (You don't need to have written the entire book to present it to an agent. A good proposal will pique an agent's interest) If an agent likes your work, s/he will contact you. To make the book more appealing to the target publishers, s/he will ask you to rewrite, or target your work towards those publishers.

Keep in mind, even if an agent represents you, there is no guarantee that your book will be accepted by a publisher. Also, be prepared that if your book is accepted, you'll owe the agent 15% of the money you earn with the book.

Once the book is in the hands of a publisher, you lose control of it. The publisher creates the book cover, prints, distributes and markets the book for you. Be aware that most of the marketing will actually fall on you as most publishers have limited marketing budgets for books; especially for first-time authors.

The other paths: self-publishing and pay-to-publish require you, the author, to assume more of the responsibilities of the publisher. If you're interested in learning more about either of those two options, you can: 1) see my earlier answers about self-publishing on AllExperts or 2) buy Dan Poynter's book THE SELF-PUBLISHING MANUAL.

It's only in self-publishing or pay-to-publish that you'd have to pay for your book to be printed. The cost to print the physical book will depend on the number of pages in your book, the number of books you order and the size (6 x9, 5.5 x 8.5, etc).

One final option to consider is to create an e-book of your fiction. For more details on that, read my earlier answers on e-books on AllExperts.

Continued success with your project.  

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