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I am a second year university student trying to publish my psychological thriller/sci-fi/adventure novel for young adults, “The Walls of Flemington.” I am struggling to decide whether to choose traditional royalty publishing or ebook publishing. I have so far sent my novel to 20 agents, 4 of which have already rejected me, and I know that the rest will probably take another 6 weeks or so to reply. Since I have never been published, I know that my chances of catching the interest of large firms are quite slim, and I have read a lot about the disadvantages of traditional publishing, including how long it would take before I actually see my book in print and how much control I would lose over my novel through all the middlemen.

Being a 19-year-old college student, I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle the risks, costs and “full-time job” aspects of self-publishing. However, after reading articles about the recent success of ebooks, I’ve begun to wonder whether the e-publishing alternative wouldn’t be my best bet. I’m also very motivated by articles on ebook authors who have later been spotted by publishers through their ebook success.

I’m really willing to do whatever I can possibly do to promote my book, and favor the number of readers over how much money I make. I just want to get my book out there! What really makes me hesitate though, is the fact that teens—my target audience—are not really the bulk of Kindle, iPad and Nook owners. And if I start off by giving my book away for free, would I attract readers? Or are free ebooks taken less seriously?

Sorry about all my questions! I know that I’m a bit impatient with my project, and am afraid to make the wrong decisions because of this! If you have any advice for me, please let me know!
Oh and one more thing: If I manage to make the attached image more professional-looking, would it be the kind of book cover that could attract readers?

Thanks so much in advance for your help,

Kind regards,

Hi Juliette,

It's about what it is you feel and what
your goals are with this book project.

When I decided to start my publishing co.
specifically to publish my work, things
were a lot different, but the steps I
took to come to that decision are and can
be the same.

1. Writer's groups: I joined a writer's
group that actively brought in speakers
whom I was able ask and learn from. It's
been in such an environment that can help
out a lot. Check into some where you are.

2. Goal: My goal for my story is to turn
it into a film. So I wanted to maintain
control and rights. I learned a lot on
this from hearing other authors who came
to the writer's group and spoke.

I learned that unless you're Stephen King,
the marketing and promoting is all on the
author. If that's the case, why give away

Learn all the different ways to publish
your book. What are their advantages and
disadvantages? Which one best meets your
need to achieve your goal(s).

There's the traditional, vanity, POD, and
digital. You can also create a publishing
company. Learn the rights and pay works.

3. Investment: What are you willing to
invest to bring your book to the readers?
It's not only financial, but time. It's
an ongoing process. Learning about press
releases, radio interviews, speaking, and
even internet marketing.

What's your investment? Marketing is bigger
than giving away what you've created with
the hopes creating a new fan or reader.

No matter how your work is published remember
this... This is a business! Not a book. Your
business. If it's a business, then it's made
of many parts. Right?

What financial results do you desire? Do your
numbers. How much can you earn from an ebook
or physical? How many do you need to sale to
achieve your goal?

4. Resources: What will you require to make
it happen? Here are few to get you started:

1. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber - Book
2. Website - Not Facebook, a real website
3. Writers' Magazines - Good stuff in them
4. CreateSpace - An easy way to publish

Juliette, you also asked about ebooks. That's
something you may want to inquire about with
another expert. I'm not up on the ebook world.

I hope this helps. I wish you much success. It
is really jumping and earning your wings on the
way down. :)

CF Jackson

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