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Dear Mr Feeney,

I'm thinking of producing an ebook (though i'm not sure whether i should produce hard copies too?) but i'm not sure if it will be a worthwhile investment. I hope you can help me out here. Thank you :)

There's an ancient Persian love story i know that is usually spread by word of mouth (it's 800 years old). It's truly an amazing and beautiful love story, and I aspire to translate the whole story into English. I will be the first author in the world to do this. However, the Persian book which describes this story is *incredibly* rare. I could not find it in any bookstore or library within Europe (i'm from the UK).

Fortunately, I've got in contact with an Iranian man who can send me the PDF of the book as he has this rare book in his possession. Despite this, he wants 450 ($720) for this book, no less! He knows how rare this book is, so I think he is trying to rip me off- but i have no alternative.

So, in conclusion, do you think it's likely i'll get a return of 450 or above for selling this particular ebook? I don't want to suffer a loss because i'm still a student and money is important to me.




5% of the effort is writing and publishing; 95% of the effort is marketing and promoting.

If you are willing to put in the marketing effort the chance is good that you will recoup your investment.

By the way, are there any permissions or copyrights still held by any entity on the material in this book?


Rik Feeney

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