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Hello, I've written a memoir about my life. The content is controversial (child molestation) and there are public figures involved. I am self publishing my book and I have appeared on the Katie Couric show. My question is, as a self publishing author what steps should I take to protect myself legally? I know of Libel and there isn't any in my manuscript. I doubt that any of the public figures mentioned will take issue with there inclusion in my memoir because it is already public knowledge, but I would expect that if I published with a publisher, they would handle legal issues. If you would like more info to aid in you answering my question please review this link or
Thank you

Hi, Aziza.

Thank you for your question. Congratulations on completing your memoir and for appearing on the Katie Couric show. Both are big accomplishments.

Your question is more a legal question than it is a publishing question. Just as a publisher would take care of the legal issues, as you say, so should you. Because this is a legal question, I recommend consulting an attorney for an answer. There are attorneys that specialize in publishing issues, I'd recommend contacting one of them. Here are some names to begin:

Darla Anderson, Santa Barbara, CA 805-690-1044,

Ivan Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA, no calls,

Ellen Steiffler, San Diego, CA, 858-756-5767,

Continued success with your memoir.
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