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Hi Rik,

I'm an aspiring author of children's and picture books. Recently, I've come to be interested in ecological political action; that is, stopping the slaughter of dolphins and generally promoting oceanic conservation.

I've been reading a blog that is collecting donations in order to produce a documentary about saving dolphins. My question is: how can I go about starting my own blog that leads to collecting donations for a self-published picture book about dolphin conservation?

I'd like to collect donations for funding a series of picture books related to oceanic conservation. These funds would allow me to self-publish, produce, distribute, and promote/market the book(s) as they are written and released. My goal is to divert approximately 25-50% of donations for the cause of spreading awareness to children through this series of books; the remaining funds will be used for site upkeep, expenses, etc.

While I'm internet-savvy, I've never blogged. Can you please show the right direction and how to get started? Should I begin a charity/org first, before starting the blog? And once it's created, how can I go about distributing/marketing the books on the internet?

Thanks Rik,

Hi Bobby,

The answer to this is actually more detailed than I have time or space for in this reply.

My first suggestion is that you google "crowdfunding." It will likely come up with sites like and others where you can post a project to receive complete funding.

You can also open an account at Paypal where you can place a button on your site for "Donations."

I hope this little bit helps.


Rik Feeney

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