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Dear Mr. Frank,

My name is Jay. I'm a young man who has written a number of drafts for a science fiction story, which I hope to publish someday, somehow.

I've been told specifics about how the book industry is suffering today. My question is: If the only people buying books today are parents selecting titles for their children (and buying them in person), why do online companies like CreateSpace exist?

Thank you for your time.


Hi, Jay.

Thanks for your question. Let's start by looking at your premise that the book industry is suffering today. That's only true if you look at it from the point of view of the big 6 publishers. They are suffering because they were late to comprehend digital and cling to their old business model. That is not true, however, if you're one of the smaller, more nimble publishing houses or an individual self-publishing.

In fact, more books were printed last year than at any time in history. If you look at the publishing industry from that perspective, then it's never been a better time to publish a book.

To specifically answer your question, CreateSpace exists because so many books are being published. Most of the titles sell fewer than 100 copies, so the big book printing companies are uninterested in printing the books. Most small, independent publishers don't want to tie up capital by printing the longer print runs that the big book printing companies require (typically 5,000 copies, or more). CreateSpace, and the other companies like it, fill a need publishers have and a niche the bog book printers don't want to fill.

CreateSpace has the added advantage of being attached to Amazon which gives small publishers immediate distribution for a book printed there through the world's largest bookstore.

When the time comes to publish your science fiction story, CreateSpace may be an attractive alternative for you to get your book into print quickly AND reach a wide audience.

CreateSpace, and its competitors, do have downsides. When publishing through CreateSpace, you are assuming the responsibilities of editing, typesetting and, most importantly, marketing your book.

What some small publishers don't consider is the money saved in printing a book through CreateSpace is more than offset by the increased marketing costs to make the public aware of the book.

Continued success with your science fiction story.

Best regards,

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