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Puerto Rico/High speed Internet providers.


Joe wrote at 2013-07-06 15:19:10
Whatever you do don't go to WINPR they just want to steal your money and the service is horrible, they will charge you in advance and cut the Internet two days before the due date and while you don't have Internet he will continue to charge you for other months. I had Internet before and changed company but he is the worst thief of all.

David Morris wrote at 2016-07-27 13:34:25
Well, you have to ask the local residential about the internet services they will guide you the better ones. In my residential area comcast is performing better services as compare to others so I have a connection from Comcast. the quality of services depends upon area location.

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I have lived in Puerto Rico since 2002.

I have lived in Puerto Rico since 2002.

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