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We just moved to Luquillo,PR and would like to get recommendations on private bilingual elementary schools in the area.  I would so very much appreciate any information that you can provide.  Thank you

Hola, Erica.
Although I can't give any recommendations of a school in particular in the area of Luquillo, my suggestion is that you check the list o f available schools and take your time to call them with your questions, visit them, talk to the parents, other students, etc.

Check the following site for bilingual schools in Puerto Rico:  

Once in the site, choose "Escuelas Académicas Bilingues" under "Escuelas Privadas".  In the list provided, you will find Luquillo in page 18 with complete information for schools there, including addresses, telephone numbers, etc.  All the information is in Spanish, but easy to understand.  

Another option:  contact the Asociación de Educación Privada (Association of Private Education) 787.722.6501, 787.723.3415, 787.722.3973,

It is my pleasure to help.  

Saludos desde Puerto Rico,

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