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QUESTION: I would like to pay back taxes owed in person with a visit to PR this Jan.  Where is the main office located?

ANSWER: Hola, Luis.
If you are going to be in the area of San Juan, this is the address for the CRIM near the Fernández Juncos Avenue in Santurce:

CRIM San Juan
54 Progreso St
(Old Corona Building)
Santurce, Puerto Rico
Tel 787.289.2746

If you are familiar driving in Puerto Rico, this is the address of the CRIM main offices in Río Piedras, which is my favorite when I make my clients' payments:

CRIM Central Office
Road #1 Km 17.2
(Old Cruz Azul Building)
Río Piedras, Puerto Rico

Buena suerte.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: thanks for the reply....just wondering, which office would be best to handle name and address changes for real property.  Questions pertaining property accounts as well?

Hola, Luis.  Welcome back.
For changes in the CRIM involving names, addresses, claims, etc., you should visit the agency that covers the Municipality where your property is located.  The addresses I gave you before are for properties in the metropolitan area of San Juan.  The CRIM have 9 regional offices in addition to their main office in Río Piedras.  I'm sorry I can't give you an address without knowing the Municipality where your property is located, but you just have to call them at 787.625.4000 and they will give you that information.
Buena suerte.

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