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I have lived in a rental home in San Juan w my family for 5 months and we are all very unhappy in PR:( We are moving back to the states and have negotiated a price to pay to the landlord.  

My question is if he gets the house re rented are we still obligated to pay him the negotiated price for the rest of the term of the lease or will that void our contract?

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Dear Heidi:

Thank you for posting your question.  A lease agreement can be terminate IF the parties enter into a settlement on the termination absent a termination clause within the lease agreement.  If you "negotiated a price to pay the landlord" for you to terminate the lease, then you pay that amount to terminate the lease, period.  Once a settlement is in place, whether the landlord is able to rent it afterwards (or not) would be his problem.

Please note that I am only stating what is commonly agreed to under Puerto Rico Law.  Do not consider this response as a legal opinion upon which you should make a decision about your situation.  Consider at all pertinent times, that you may need to engage legal counsel to look into your situation and issue a legal opinion based on the specific facts and/or contract terms.


Santiago F. Lampón

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