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My grandfather who owned a small piece of land/home in Puerto Rico, did not leave a will when he died. My father, one of 4 kids and the only surviving son, lived with him and cared for him till he died. At some point my uncle's widow and kids came to live at the home and eventually made my dad's life hell and literally pushed him out. He  came to stay with me in the United States and it has been about 23 years. Because of illness he has not been able to go back home. He would like to know if as the only child alive does he have any rights to the property and what can he do or do they? He has the original title certificate to the home. The family still leaves there but we have had no contact.

Hello and thank you for posting your question and granting me the opportunity to assist.

I am a bit concerned about the lapsed time without having this matter resolved.  Indeed some of the rights could have been waived, but not necessarily.  I suggest that you formally consult a lawyer in Puerto Rico with background in inheritance law, and that you do it promptly.

While your father appears to be a heir, he needs to act promptly to protect his rights and that of his heirs.


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