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Puerto Rico/renter not paying even when he was evicted


My parents gave me a power of attorney to deal with al the properties including one in Puerto Rico that was rented and the renter still living in it and without paying.  Two layers lied to us and keep our money in a dishonest way and know a collector of a collection agency is asking 500 hundred dollars to deal with the renter without going again to court. The thing is that I have the power of attorney and the apostille certifying that the notary is active here in Florida, where we all live.  I went for a hearing and the lawyer ask the case to be dismiss just to begin again the whole situation. Then, he ended up giving up the case.  My question is. since we are running out of money and the renter is living the house without paying, can I pass the power of attorney to my best friend in Puerto Rico since I am getting ready for a huge surgery and my dads are separated because of all this situation and we don't now where he is at.
Thanks for your help!

Hello there and thank you for your question.

If the power of attorney contains a clause authorizing you to pass it on, you may.  If not, the best way to proceed is by having your parents prepare a new power of attorney naming the person in Puerto Rico and also naming you jointly with that person.

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