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My father died last year leaving behind a piece of land with no will. He died with a wife and 2 children - our mother me and my sister. The land is not occupied by any of us or anyone else. Should the property be divided 3 ways equally? Half for my mother and half for me and my sister? Or any other way. Naturally, in terms of the law. Thanks.

Dear Mike:

My condolences on your father passing away.  I hope you are all doing well nevertheless.

1/2 of the property belongs to your mother, assuming her name is on the title.  The other 1/2 goes into the estate and should be divided equally between you and your sister, absent any special circumstances which could only be evaluated by a lawyer you engage to handle the estate.

Please note that your mother, as the surviving spouse, has some specific rights which encumbered all assets.  You should seek advise accordingly.

I hope this information was helpful.  If you need more information, you may want to watch some of my videos on the subject of inheritance located at which you may watch for free.


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