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Puerto Rico/PR power of attorney and health form


My elderly aunt has reached out to my brother and I for help. She is sick and currently in the hospital and wishes for my brother to handle All of her finances and any health care decisions. We plan to travel from NY to PR later this month. What form can we have ready. She wants to pay her rent which is due but the monies are in the bank. We want to help out s much as we can. Thank you.

Hello and than you for posting your question, and for the opportunity to help.

In Puerto Rico, under our system of law, "form" powers of attorney are not welcomed.  Moreover, taking into consideration your particular circumstances, you will need to hire a notary to formalize the document.  It is inevitable.

I recommend that you stay away from using any forms, that you hire a notary and that this notary help you achieve what you certainly need to help your relative.


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