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Punk Rock/Radio Adelaide Interview


Hi Timothy,

My name is Amber and I'm a station worker at Radio Adelaide, I am doing a radio package on Spanish punk rock and was wondering if you would be willing to do a short 5 minute interview over the phone either about the sub culture of Spanish punk rock or the culture of punk in general.

Please email me on  or call me on +61 423 253 232 as I'm airing this radio package this Friday, meaning I would love to do the interview tomorrow some time if possible.

Thanks a lot,

Amber Irving-Guthrie


1,000 apologies; Somehow my reply to you was caught in my 'drafts' files, and never sent.  Although I don't ever recall this happening before, it does you little good to hear that.  I am so sorry, and can only hope your show was successful and went fine anyway-I'm sure it did.  I actually looked forward to it, and if you have it archived I'd love to hear it, or other shows.

I would, of course, be happy to somehow make it up to you if there is anything I can do.



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