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Hi, I have a vintage army green bag has patch on the front flap says: The Clash inside a red star. I just want to know if this is the punk rock group "The Clash"The bag has 3 outside pockets with leather straps, bottom ties to tie what ever down has shoulder strap and strap in the back with a clasp hook.Inside has a large pocket looks like to put a thermos. What can you tell me the age and what is it worth. I have pictures to show. Thanks Paula

Hey, P!

The logo on the bag looks like something from 'Combat Rock' era merchandise, although I have no way of knowing if it is something produced back then or of more recent vintage.  I don't think there is any doubt that it is referring to The Clash, though. Merchandise is a completely different specialty than mine, and I would be unable to even guess as to what something is worth as far as dollars are concerned.  If you like it, use it, and there may be places to research how old it is, but even so I'd be surprised if it had more cash value than cultural cachet.

Hope this helps...


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